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ALâ Community Workshops invite you to the following presentation:

Lynch Family Tragedy

Town Hall, Galway Friday 19th and Saturday 20th May at 8.30 pm.

 Community Workshops presentation Lynch Family Tradegy
Ever wondered where the phrase ‘lynched’ comes from? Based on the recorded versions of events involving the 15th century Galway Mayor, James Lynch and his son Walter, ALa’s performance unravels the legend by asking a series of ‘ what if’s ‘ in relation to a murder, a riot and an execution !
“Is a man so troubled by his own notion of justice, his notion of fair play, his idea that someone must be made accountable that he will do whatever it takes to implement the Law. Or is he so vane so unyielding, so stubborn that his wishes must be carried out regardless of natural Law. Is it the might of a leader or sheer stupidity that we see this play today unfolding? All base emotions are dealt with here Jealousy, Angry, Deceit and the high moral ground that we all like to be winners”.

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