Your support will give people a chance to make a difference to their lives and that of others.

 ALâ’s Community Workshops started in March 2004 to provide people with the opportunity to learn performance skills and technical aspects of theatre. We also encourage participants to develop managerial and facilitation skills.

The workshop members have devised and performed at least 2 shows each year since it was established. Each showcases the quality of talent in the community and gives people the satisfaction of performing in front of an audience. ALâ prefer to perform in community venues and schools. This they have done locally and a number of venues nationally.

Workshops are open from September to May. The only requirements are that adults must be over 17 years old. Being a fully inclusive organization we welcome people of all abilities, national and/or cultural traditions. To date over 400 workshops have been run.
You do not need any experience in drama and there are no auditions. It is an opportunity to meet people, learn the skills of drama and have fun.  The benefits of joining ALâ is that it can improve your social skills, increase self-confidence and make new friends.

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The workshop consists of the following

Within the project each person is invited to work in collective exercises. As such, participants push their notion of “working as an individual”, and at the same time, “working for/within a group”.

During the workshops participants discover a new way of doing theatre where they will develop their skills in performance through exercises, improvisations and various themes.

Community is the basis of ALâ’s work, searching for those stories that talk about daily life and are told directly by people in the community. These are great stories that have their own heroes and heroines. They make us laugh, cry and think about human condition and at the same time they are very universal.

When the group reaches a certain level of proficiency, they are invited to create monologues that expresses something related to their lives that they would like to perform/share with an audience within in the community and elsewhere. ALâ believe strongly in being a social inclusive group and we welcome you to join us every Wednesday night from 7.30pm until 10pm.


Since its establishment in Ballybane, Galway, in 2004, ALâ has provided fully inclusive Ballybane Workshops,
Each year approximately forty-weekly drama Community Workshops take place, attended by an average of twenty local people take place.
There are at least two shows per year with public performances in local and national venues including schools and libraries.Shows devised in Ballybane Workshops include Every Family Got One, School Bully, Alice, Fairy Tales, The Park and Merlin.

Since its foundation the Ballybane workshops have had many wonderful facilitators from all over the world:

Julien Javions – French
Miquel Barcello – Spanish
Catherine Simon – Irish
George Miller – American

Kate Scuffle – American
Kieran Reddie – Irish
Janna Lindstrom – Swedish
Sarah O’Toole – Irish

Gerry Coneely – Irish
Beartla O’Flatharta – Irish
Jenny Basset – Irish

In 2006 & 2008, ALâ devised and performed a costume pageant in conjunction with the John Paul Centre. No Barriers was performed as part of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in those years. For the “Splanc! Mid-Summer Fire Festivities” was devised and performed as a costume pageant in St Brigit’s Garden.

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